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Switch Up Your Fitness Routine for Autumn/Winter

The Autumn/Winter weather can seem like the perf’ excuse to hibernate and push your fitness routine to the side-lines. And let’s be honest you’re not the only one who has lost their exercise mojo and is struggling to make your post work gym glass right now – EVERYONE is feelin’ it.

Getting yourself to the gym for endless dread-mill power walking or heading out on a cold dark evening run takes a huge amount of motivation, and those dusty weights in your room that you bought for last year’s NY resolution aren’t gearin’ you up to becoming a workout warrior/fitness princess.

If you hate going to the gym because it makes you feel like a fish out of water or you straight up CBA and need some motivation, get ready to boss your fitness levels as we’ve rounded up our fave workouts to get you back in the zone. Thank us later!

Lap it Up

Swimming pools have the benefit of, you know, being inside! Dig out those fresh swimsuits and shorts you copped last season and perfect your breast stroke. This low-impact exercise gives you a full body workout without feelin’ as much of the burn on your joints and muscles. Not only does it give you a leaner physique, it improves moods and reduces stress levels. Where do we sign up?

Jump Around

Trampoline parks are the new trendin’ fitness craze! Clogging up your ‘gram feeds – we can see why – indoor bouncy castle like parks for adults HELLO. Get ready to unleash the kid in you and hop to your nearest park for a fun and exciting workout. Just six minutes of cardio on a trampoline is the equivalent of running for one whole mile AND joints are protected as you spring up and down thanks to low-impact cushioning.

Ride it Out

So the idea of the crisp breeze freeze your face or getting soaked while cycling isn’t that appealing right? Spin class may be the one for you. These intense indoor cycling classes can burn up to hundreds of calories and keep bones strong while building muscle. Interval-based rides will also strengthen the glutes, thighs, calves, and even the core. No helmet necessary.

Fitness Tip: We all know that spin classes can sometimes be TOO much so why not try it in water? Aqua spin classes are an easier ride for anyone who is a beginner.

Reach New Heights

Hit a wall and need a new grasp on your fitness? Rock climbing is a great way to get a fun cardio workout. From bouldering to big wall climbing to mountain climbing, it takes a lot of upper and lower body strength and an open mind (what happens if I put my foot on here or let go?) but it’s about physical skill as well. Scaling indoor walls will increase heart rates and burn up to 650 calories per hour. Not only does it work leg and arm muscles it activates the back and shoulders as well!

Zen Out

If you’re not a fan of high-intensity workouts, then yoga is your perfect match. Give your mind and body a workout with this slow motivating exercise that improves flexibility. And even better; it’s good for your mind, body and soul. Reducing stress, fatigue and anxiety, yoga improves strength and flexibility through a variety of poses and is time-efficient – you can be in, worked out and out again in just over an hour. From hot sweaty Bikram to core strengthening Aerial yoga there’s a style to suit your needs and interests. Mats at the ready.

On the Ropes

Get your game face on and get ready to rumble and hit the pads. Boxing and heavy bag seshes focus on cardio and conditioning to help increase a fighter’s stamina in the ring, which means you’ll tone muscles, strengthen your core and glutes and of course work on your arms – everyone wants arms like an A-lister. Boxing is for everyone, it may seem a lil’ bit intimidating watching AJ from ringside but it’s super easy to sign up at your local gym and start gettin’ active with a boxercise class and get a knockout workout.

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