JD Official | May 27, 2022

Make It Make Sense: Episode 6

We’re kickstarting the weekend with a brand-new ep of our hit debate show, ‘Make It Make Sense’.

With Specs in the spotlight last time around, Chloe Burrows (@chloeburrows), Talia Mar (@taliamar) and Zeze Millz (@zezemillz) are back together with a new guest ready to be put to the test.


In ‘Make it Make Sense’, our hosts will be joined every week by a special guest to take a deeper look at the hottest topics in the world today. Whether it’s personal opinions or debunking unusual stories, they’ll be challenging the guests to make it make sense. Expect hot takes, serious debates and loads of banter!


Episode 6 📲

In the latest ep, the girl gang is joined by our guy, Chunkz (@chunkz)! They discuss everything from snakes to cheating on exams – not forgetting their top Summer anthems of all time.


Packed with confrontation and controversy, will Chunkz be able to Make It Make Sense?! Tune in to episode 6 now ⬇️ ⬇️



Missed the previous ep? Catch episode 5 here.


For loads more from the likes of Chunkz, Chloe, Specs and PK Humble, make sure you’re following our YouTube channel – JDOfficial


Stay locked in for the next ep of ‘Make it Make Sense’ comin’ soon! Watch this space…

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