Basketball | August 14, 2018

NBA: Carmelo Anthony Signs for the Houston Rockets

Carmelo Anthony, 34, has signed with the Houston Rockets on a one year deal for a reported £1.88m.

The 15-year NBA veteran has only made it past the first round of the playoffs twice in his career, but joins perennial all-stars James Harden and Chris Paul, who took the NBA Champions Golden State Warriors to seven games in the Western Conference finals last year.

The Rockets had led the Warriors, 3-2, before an injury to Chris Paul derailed their challenge. At the same time, Brooklyn-born Anthony was averaging 16.2 points per game for the Oklahoma City Thunder; the first time in his career that he has averaged less than 20 points.

In the postseason, Melo’s production dropped even further to under 12 points per game, as OKC were surprisingly bounced out of the first round against the Utah Jazz.

Notable Professional Achievements:

What His New Teammates Said:

Drafted third overall in the class of 2003, behind LeBron James, but ahead of the likes of Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, Melo has always been highly regarded as one of the best scorers in the league, with an ability to deliver in the clutch.

However, after spending the bulk of his prime as the leader of the dysfunctional New York Knicks, Melo now gets his chance to contribute to a championship contender.  The chance to knock-off the dynastic Warriors would provide the story book ending to a career, that may otherwise be remembered for its lack of hardware.

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