JD Official | April 20, 2020

Nike React Technology: Defining Sneaker Cushioning

Top of the trainer league, Nike have been pushing boundaries and the limits of technology for decades. With the release of the LunarEpic Low Flyknit in 2017, which utilised Nike’s Lunarlon foam technology, it seemed that there was no way that cushioning and performance could go any further. Cue React!

Nike’s aim when developing React technology was to create something that would satisfy the needs and wants of every runner; long or short distance speedsters, novice and endurance experts – everyone!

The Swoosh has the most versatile line-up of cushioning options on the runner market. And React foam is nothing short of revolutionary, thanks to its ability to be incredibly responsive and soft – it’s like auto correct for your feet!

Material Matters

When Nike questioned runners on what they wanted out of their running sneakers, they were hit with specific answers. Next-level cushioning, better energy return and they needed their runners to be lightweight, of course. Oh, and they had to last too. No pressure! To have all four qualities in one silhouette can be difficult because they’re total opposites.

However, this was no biggie for Nike’s in-house scientists! Cookin’ up an entirely new synthetic rubber with new ingredients that took advantage of modern fluid geometry, they tested the new Epic React Flyknit against their previous top running style, the LunarEpic Flyknit 2 and found it to be significantly softer and springier, as well as a whole lot more durable.

Armed for Action

Nike’s latest cushioning innovation and a significant breakthrough in footwear foam changed the game. They’ve managed to craft the most responsive cushioning ever with React. 11% softer and 13% bouncier than Lunarlon, it was created through testing 400 material combinations with over 2,000 hours of wear time. The soft, springy and stable foam met needs of shift direction and speed while bringin’ stability and energy return like no other sneaker. AND React is 30 per cent lighter than other rival running creps out there. Show offs!

When it came time to get the foam into a shoe, Nike took designs and turned them into athlete data. Focusing on how they moved, in what direction and with what force, they used this data by visualising through pressure maps that showed exactly where athletes need support and enabled full optimisation of cushioning and traction.

On top of all of this, Nike React technology is Nike’s longest-lasting foam, giving runners the energy to do more and go further. It’s more durable than any other foam they have tested in Nike running, meaning it will keep up with the needs of even the most dedicated distance runners.

Cutting-Edge Design

Wondering what that feels like? Well, if you were to squeeze Nike React foam, you’d get that great cushioning sensation; and then, as you let go, you’d see the foam quickly spring back to its original shape, which is where the energy return comes into play. That translates so well to a run because as it reacts swiftly to each step, bouncing back to its original state to ensure a consistent underfoot feel stride after stride, mile after mile.

We can see why React tech is the holy grail for running trainers. Wanna’ up your game and go the distance? Don’t miss out on all the React goodness on JD right now.

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