JD Official | November 11, 2022

Pay The Cost: Episode 3

Ready for the weekend? We’ve got just the thing to kick it off in style…a brand-new ep of ‘Pay the Cost’!

Following up our guy Chunkz’s challenge to fellow YouTube kings KSI and Tobi Brown in Episode 2, this week he’s back as our host with the most!


Pay the Cost is all about general knowledge. Our host and special guests will go head-to-head, taking it in turns to ask each other multiple choice trivia questions. With each set of questions tailored to every player’s personality, and every right answer worth 10 points, it’s about to heat up!


Not only that, but get a question wrong and the other player can jump in and steal their opponents’ points…


Episode 3

In the third instalment, Chunkz is joined by funny guys Harry Pinero and PK Humble, as they put their general knowledge to the test.


From friends in high places and British soaps, to classic adverts and Premier League stats, who’s baggin’ all the points, and who’s taking the L?!


Tune into episode 3 right now!



Can’t wait for ep 4?! For loads more from the likes of Chunkz, PK Humble and the rest of our JD crew, make sure you’re subscribed to our YouTube channel, JD Official, so you never miss an ep!

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