JD Official | June 3, 2020

Style Up For Ya Staycation

Doing Summer from home? Us too!

Our Summer schedules have officially been updated. Instead of preppin’ or Glasto, it’s all about dressing for the living room and chillin’ out in the garden. And as our holiday plans have become season-long staycations, we’re bringin’ the fresh vibes from the 3-Stripes to your Summer ‘drobes.

Hit below for some inspo on what to wear on your at-home holiday.

Colour Combos


Make the most of the lockdown with Summer brights and a retro fave – tie dye! Tee’s and shorts are so light and step up your comf’, they work well for the living room to the balcony. And if you head out for a walk, slip on a pair of slides for unbeatable staycation vibes.

Laid Back Vibes


Loungewear is the key to dressing up at home. You can build your chilled ‘fits with tonal layers and rep them with anything. Sticking with low-key colourways lets you work those subtle yet statement styles into your ‘drobe! Complete your look with a retro white sneaker for head to toe freshness.


Need to update your downtime essentials? Packed with throwback style, the latest from adidas Originals has got your cosy ‘fits covered!

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