JD Official | May 10, 2018

Supply & Demand: We Are Live!

The streetwise brand with its ear to the pavement has a new home: www.supplyanddemand.co.uk/

Supply & Demand has been making waves for years, always staying ahead of the curb and setting trends from the ground up. Constantly innovating while never losing sight of where it all began – the streets! Supply & Demand’s iconic street style taps into a true appreciation for the urban landscape, ensuring you stand out no matter the city – from NYC to LDN.

supply & demand desert buggy sun

Born out of New York City, Supply & Demand lives and breathes street culture, with strong links to Hip-Hop and Grime. Its connection to the streets led to a fire collab with Manchester Grime artist, Bugzy Malone; creating not one but two sick lines of apparel. Hitting mainstream appeal, everyone now reps S&D – from big time influencers like Youtuber Jenna Marbles to Chelsea star, Eden Hazard!

With its wide appeal, S&D has street-ready style for men, women, and kids – giving them essential gear to take control of the streets! It delivers all the off-duty essentials for you and the crew; from crop tops and padded coats to tapered track pants and graphic tees, they push everything to the limit.

supply & demand tracksuit womens
eden hazard supply & demand hoodie
(Shy: @xshyox)
(Eden Hazard: @hazardeden_10)

With the weather heatin’ up, S&D has a brand new, must-cop summer range – taking street style from London all the way to Marrakech with fresh swimwear, standout shorts and stylin’ vests.

Before you hit the streets, make sure you shop Supply & Demand online.

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