JD Official | November 20, 2019

It’s Here! The Official JD Gif Pack

By now, we allllll know that if it wasn’t on the ‘gram, it didn’t happen right? Stories are THE place to document you livin’ your best life…

Here at JD, the official Gif pack just dropped, letting you level up your stories with some MEGA JD-themed Gifs! Combining all things JD with festive feels, the JD Gif pack includes a bauble, disco ball, Christmas pudding and the iconic JD duffle bag. Plus loads more!

how to use jd gifs

How Do I Get ‘Em?

Not just available for Instagram, the JD Gif pack is live NOW on GIPHY, meaning you can use them across WhatsApp, iMessage etc…

Sound good? All you gotta’ do is search ‘JDComesAlive’ to unlock the pack!

What’re you waiting for? Up your story game and try it for yourself! ?

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