JD Official | August 28, 2018

Top Fresher’s Week Essentials!

College? Completed it, mate. Fresher’s week and your uni life is about to begin! It’s gonna be an intense week and a massive three years, so you’ll need all the essentials to ensure you get through it in one piece. Don’t worry though, we’ve got ya covered. For all you freshers out there, here are the top gear you’ve gotta cop for uni!


Let’s be real, you’re gonna be feeling pretty rough for a lot of fresher’s week. But you don’t wanna miss out, so in your downtime it’s essential to take it easy with some casual and comfy threads to ease you back to life. Our men’s and women’s track pants give you a total relaxed look and feel, perfect for getting on that Netflix hype for a couple of hours. But if you really want to up the comfort, combine them with a comfy hoodie for total chill vibes. Check out hoodies for men and women now.

bag uni freshers

Comfy Kicks

If you need to leave your halls for any reason during your downtime, you’ll wanna keep your feet comfy and cushioned while still looking fresh (even if you don’t feel it!). So, why not check out the standout sneaks from the freshest brands that put comfort first. Our collection of Nike trainers give you Air Max excellence, while adidas’ kicks are guaranteed give you a Boost. With a full range of men’s and women’s comfy kicks, you can take a walk across campus feeling cushioned in your creps!

Flip Flops & Slides

Showers are neeeeeded during fresher’s week, so make sure you’re got some flip flops or slides for when you step into the communals (better safe than sorry!). Useful for more than just showers, having a pair of flip flops or slides is ideal for a bunch of uni scenarios: Slept through your alarm and need to get to a lecture quick? Slides! Need to take the bins out? Slides! Behind with the laundry and have no clean socks? Slides! Our slides & flip flops have uni written all over them.

trainers adidas nike
slides flip flops nike


Giving you practical space and an easy way to carry your essentials, a standout bag is much needed! They may not be essential for fresher’s week, but once lectures start, those trips to the library to check out 20 books will be a lot easier. You can pick from loads of styles to suit your needs: go for the classic backpack to maximise space, grab a crossbody bag to switch up the look, or just keep it simple with a gym sack.

Now that you know exactly what you need for Uni. Make sure you’re prepped with help from JD, so you can head off for freshers week and absolutely smash it! And, y’know, do well with your studies too…?

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