JD Women | March 23, 2023

Turning The Tables With JD Women

To celebrate International Women’s Month, we linked up with rising DJ Jocewavy for a mega day that was all about celebrating the gals!

Held at the iconic Point Blank Music School in London, Jocewavy held a DJ masterclass showin’ a squad of lucky competition winners just how it’s done.


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JD Women: Embrace Equality 💜

Jocewavy headed up our JD Women ‘Turning The Tables’ DJ Masterclass, showing the gals how she brings high energy to her sets with the latest beats.


Makin’ a name for herself across the music scene, she’s made appearances with Boiler Room and 278 Radio, showcasing her take on Afro-inspired beats with fresh rap and drill tunes.


Joce’ brought her gals along for the day, with Maggie Mayhem turnin’ up, along with DJs CVSS, Goldie Quaker to deliver all the good vibes. The workshop included a B2B DJ sesh, with Jocewavy sharing all her tips to teach the group the best of DJing.


After a quick lesson in beat matching, three of our gals were challenged to show off what they’d learnt lining up a three song selecta, winning them a £250 JD gift voucher to take home!


After their masterclass, the gals had a chance to wind down with a late brunch, and some extra sweet goodies were provided by @littlewomanfooddiary.


To finish up, our squad got to take home their very own JD Duffel swag bags. The JD Turning the Tables starter pack included headphones, a JD USB, vinyl stickers, some Nike branded merch and a box of tasty sweet treats.



We love showin’ our support and celebrating all things women! We’re always about hyping up our gals.


Keep it locked on our Insta and TikTok @JDWomen for all the latest drops and deets 📲

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