JD Sports | June 10, 2018

Why Is Running So Good For You?

Determined to boost your summer bod, push yourself further and de-stress after a long day? We’ve got the answer! With millions of people already on the hype and loads of celeb fans including Ellie Goulding, Diddy and Ryan Reynolds, it’s time to get ya sneaks on and get out RUNNING!

But why is running so good for you? Don’t worry! You’re about to find out:

run to tone up your body

Massive Mood Booster

De-stressing, releasing any tension and giving you a positive boost, running can improve your mood all day long. Listen to your favourite podcast, tunes, or even all the traffic wizzing past and forget about that exam, life and work stress.

Releasing endorphins step after step, running can reduce depression and anxiety. The endorphins are released to combat physical stress on the body as you push yourself on through your run which gives you a boost that can last all day long.

woman listening to music on her run
Young couple on a run

Helps With Weight Loss

After a long hard day grafting, working your way to the top and learning none stop, you might not have time to be trekking to the gym but still wanna be working on that summer bod. This is where running comes in!

Get ya running shoes on, crank up your fave tunes and push towards your goal weight with 3 or 4 weekly runs. Running is a high intensity cardio which means you don’t need to go running for hours and hours to see the results. Instead, focused nonstop 15 or 20 minute runs can keep that weight dropping off when coupled with the right diet.

running increases weight loss
running increases weight loss

Improves Heart Health

On the treadmill, out on the road or on the track, running makes your heart work harder and faster to pump oxygen to the muscles. Working that heart muscle harder means your heart is getting stronger every step of the way.

Along with this, boosting weight loss and muscle toning means reducing obesity and risk of diabetes which could have put some serious pressure on the heart. Happy runner, healthy heart – it’s simple!

improve heart health with running
improve heart health with running

Reduces Blood Pressure

Alongside boosting heart health, running can help to reduce blood pressure. With your heart working more efficiently, you’ll be lowering blood pressure because your heart isn’t having to force the blood around the body through all the arteries. Less stress, more chill! It’s definitely the way forward!

Helps Tone Up That Bod

As an added bonus after weight loss, health benefits and a mood boost, running can help tone up your bod ready for every bikini or swim shorts pic! From toned arms driving you forward to fit legs and firmer abs, running is an essential summer body workout!

run to tone up your body
run to tone up your body

What could be better? Run the streets, the parks and the pavements with a clear head, a happy heart and a toned butt! Where do we sign up?!

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