JD Women | June 10, 2018

#GirlsThatGo: Meet @annieopenshaw

All hail @annieopenshaw – the queen of gym bunnies. We recently caught up with Annie and stole a few minutes of her time at our #GirlsThatGo event, getting the down low on business, squats, and girl power.

But first, we gave her a handful of INSTANT REACT questions:

Early bird or night owl? Early bird

Gold or silver? Silver

Performance or style? Performance

Bookworm or Netflix? Netflix

Cropped or oversized? Both!

Sunshine or snow? Sunshine

Tights or sweats? Sweats

Sweet or savoury? Sweet

annie influencer

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I’m Annie, I’m from Cheshire and I’m a competitive squash player!

Describe your style?

I’m a self-confessed gym addict so I stick to what I know, sporty!

Who or what influences your style?

I think Instagram is a great place to find inspiration, especially my fellow #GirlsThatGo gals!

annie influencer
annie influencer

Tips for people searching for style inspiration?

Find your inspiration and what works for you, but adapt and refine so it suits you!

Why do you love Nike?

I love how classic the designs and branding are. My first pair of Nike trainers were Air Force 1, and they are still my faves.

What does #GirlsThatGo mean to you?

#GirlsThatGo reflects my whole lifestyle! I’m constantly on the go from city to city, my job is super busy where I’m travelling between the gym, squash and meetings. I need a show that reflects that without having to compromise on my style!

…Amen to that!

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