JD Women | July 9, 2018

Workin’ Out in the Heatwave: Top Tips to Handle the Heat

While we’ve all been lovin’ the longest heatwave in over five years (anyone remember the last time it rained?!), all this scorchin’ weather can get in the way between you and your dream summer bod.

When the sun comes out, we know that gym motivation can hit an all-time low, with BBQs, ice cream and the World Cup proving a big distraction. Not only that, working out in 30° heat doesn’t sound too tempting – talk about sweaty!

Here to help ya out, we’ve rounded up our top 5 tips for working out in a heatwave. Even better? There’s still chance for to catch the England match or meet up with the girls, while staying on track with ya fitness goals.

running at sunrise

1.      Time it Right

Is the UK heatwave stoppin’ you from going on your regular run? Or maybe you’re still heading out but can’t quite hit your PB…

Avoid the worst and hottest heat of the day by getting’ up early and getting your grind on. If you can bear setting that alarm just 30 minutes earlier, get up and get it done. Not only will it be much cooler (perf running temps!) meaning you can perform at ya peak, you’ll have burned off those extra cals before you even get to work. Feel-good vibes guaranteed.

2.      Switch It Up

You might usually run 10k on the reg, but when temperatures are soaring your usual distance can be a lot tougher. Instead of pushing yourself the extra mile, switch up the run for HIIT, one of this year’s hottest fitness trends.

Interval training still gets you one step closer to your goal, while incorporating much-needed time for rest. And, while you’re taking a breath, you can take on some extra water and let your body cool down – win win!

nike air pegasus running trainers
outdoor yoga in the sun

3.      Get the Gear

If your gym’drobe isn’t kitted out for the summer, you’re never gonna wanna get up and get out for a workout. Dress for success!

In the height of the summer heat, your fitness ‘fits need to be two things; lightweight and breathable! Don’t worry, all ya fave brands have your summer workout covered, from Nike’s Dri-FIT fabrics to Under Armour’s HeatGear tech. If poss, choose a light colourway for extra cool vibes. Needin’ something new? Shop the latest fitness ‘fits here.

4.      Keep Extra Hydrated

It’s recommended that you drink between six and eight glasses of water a day but when you’re busy workin’ up a sweat in the heatwave, that’s just not enough to fuel ya body to perform at its best.

The key to keepin on the track to success is hydration, hydration and yeah, more hydration. If you’re really goin’ for it in an intense workout sesh, grab a sports drink with added electrolytes to make sure your thirst is fully quenched! Carry a refillable water bottle with you all day and make sure you drink up. Keeping hydrated not only leaves you feeling refreshed, but boosts the glow in your skin – erm hello natural highlight!

woman drinking water

nike just do it sports bra and nike pro shorts

5.      Layer Up the SPF

Last but not least – don’t forget the SPF! While we all wanna’ feel the burn during a workout, I don’t think you’re meant to take it literally…

Burning your skin can not only cause damage long term, but leave you feelin’ extra sore and made to have rest days for the next WEEK. That’s no way to get fit in time for ya hol is it?!

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