JD Sports | April 24, 2019

Working On Ya Fitness: Easter Burn Off!

4 Easter eggs down, 7 more to go? Whether you demolish your choccy in one sitting or graze slowly to make the sugary goodness last, Easter is officially over and that over-indulging guilt is probably back.

FEAR NOT! You are not alone. But while drowning in Easter eggs seems like a good idea, it’s time to hit the gym, work up a sweat and power towards that dreamy summer bod! Here’s a few exercises to get ya started!


Rope Wave

Get the whole body working and feel the BURN with the rope wave! Lower yourself to the squat position and alternate your arms up and down, slamming the rope to the ground! Keep it going for 5 rounds of 2 minutes with a 30-second break and thank me later girl!

Working everything from your core, calves, arms to your shoulders, say goodbye fat and HELLO tone!



Get your game face on and get ready to spar! With endless benefits to your health, boxing is also one of THE BEST stress relievers (punch ya problems away, right?).

It may seem intimidating at first, but boxing is for everyone and is super easy to sign up to a class at your local gym. You may be surprised by who you meet there! With some of our fave babes including Jorja Smith raving about her love for boxing, getting your body active and mind clear is one of the best ways to start livin’ ya best life!

Focusing on your cardiovascular health, full body strength and composition, why not give it a go?!


Get Outdoors!

Yes, the treadmill keeps you focused and in control, but heading outdoors and bossing that run is so much better! Getting a breath of fresh air with a change of scenery every time not only burns those pesky calories, but also majorly improves heart health!

While improving bone and joint strength and decreasing your chances of illness, running is also a major game changer for mental health. Giving the perfect opportunity for some time on your own, remember the only person you’re doing this for is you! – GO GRRRL!

Lack the motivation? Join a running club. Better yet, make your own running club with pals! Listen to a motivating podcast, whack a lead on your dog and head outdoors. It’s not meant to be easy, it’s meant to be worth it!



Yep, that part of the gym. Adding weights to your fitness routine can really increase the benefits you get out of your workout. By making your muscles work harder, the more calories you burn, your posture can improve and the stronger you feel. Here’s a few exercises you can try:

Time to work it? Take up one of these and you’ll sweat away that Easter guilt in no time!

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