JD Women | May 24, 2018

Workout Prep: Gym Bag Essentials – Check!

Workin’ up a sweat in the gym or the park isn’t too easy when you’ve forgotten the essentials – whether it’s ya kit, hair band, trainers or water (or all of four!). Instead of blasting out your fave tunes whilst you cardio the hell out of your Monday night, you’ve forgotten your headphones and are feelin’ a little less than motivated for a full on gym sesh…

To stop this happening and make sure you’re in the zone, we’ve rounded up everythin’ you could ever need to make sure you’re prepped for all your workouts. Power through that HIIT session and crunch ya core to the max with the help of these gym bag essentials:

gym essentials

Bag Yourself A Keeper

The first rule is making sure your gear is organised and ready to go! Trainers, drinks, towel…make sure it’s all packed up and ready to go ’cause lets be honest, you’re always in a rush in the morning!
Keepin’ all your gear in one place is gonna save you time, keep your mind focused on the workout and de-stress ya ready to work up a sweat. At JD, our range of bags covers backpacks, duffle bags and gymsacks, giving you all the space you need. Organisation, check!

Drink Up!

The key to boosting that glow in your skin, fuelling your body and keeping you on the track to success is hydration, hydration and ya guessed it…more hydration. Workin’ up a sweat and powering on means things are gonna start hottin’ up. To make sure you stay hydrated your gym bag needs a decent water bottle that you can fill for hydration on-the-go.

Nike Gym bags JD
drinks bottle for the gym

Kicking Into Action

Boosting ankle support, adding extra cushion and keepin’ you comfy – it’s kicks that take ya motivation and turn it into action; perfect for keeping you pushing forward. From Nike’s Air Zoom Pegasus 35 to adidas’ Ultraboosts, the right kicks can make a serious impact on your road to that fitness goal.

Equip-meant for you!

A tip for gym and workout success is always to plan what you’re gonna do before you go. Have it in your head that you’re gonna boss out cardio, smash through a HIIT workout or crash through some serious core.
With this in mind you can also pack your yoga mat, arm band for your phone, headband, training gloves or sweatbands ready for pushing yourself to the limit no matter what you’re getting up to!

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35
under armour clothing with yoga mat and dumbells

Last but not least, choose gear that sits super comfy, makes you feel extra sass and gets that body workin’. Best of all? You can shop all the latest fitness looks at JD: extra supportive bra, stretchy tank top and ultra-flattering leggings – we got ya!

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