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Workout Fuel – Turkey Burgers with Spicy G-Wack!

Smashing out a weights session in the gym, going the distance on your daily run or reaching new lengths in the pool, whatever workout you’ve been bossing it’s time to re-fuel your body. Put down the Dominos menu, stay away from Maccies and think about nothing but nutrition! To dominate each session, not only do you need the right gear – you need to be fuelling your body in the right way, so check out this Turkey Burger recipe…


What You Need To Trek To The Shops For –

These lean, turkey burgers are a great source of protein stuffed with a huge amount of post-workout vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B6. On top of that you are given some serious guac realness full of good fats and nutrients and tastes pretty damn great too. These burgers are ideal, quick and easy with a cooking time of less than fifteen minutes so if you are feeling extra adventurous after a huge session in the gym you can add grilled bacon, low-fat cheese and BBQ sauce to really up your turkey burger game!

THE RECIPE: (Serves 4)
260g turkey breast lean mince (under 5% fat): It should look white like chicken rather than red like beef.
1/2 red onion diced
1 tbsp. paprika
1 grated garlic clove
1 large beaten egg
1 tbsp. chopped coriander
85g fresh breadcrumbs
Salt and pepper to season
4 bread buns, rolls, cobs or muffins of your choice

For the G-Wack! Guacamole:
1 large ripe avocado, or 2 small or whatever you can find!
1 chilli, deseeded and finely chopped
1 squirt or lime juice
1/2 red onion diced

turkey burgers

What You Gonna’ Do With All That?
Once you’ve struggled your way back from the shops; you’re ready to get on with it!

Step 1: Mix the minced turkey meat, breadcrumbs, ½ of the coriander, ½ of the onion, garlic and egg with the seasoning (paprika, pepper and salt). Form them into 4 burgers and leave to chill ready to cook later.

Step 2: For the guac attack: smash up the avocado in a bowl, mix in the remaining coriander, the other ½ onion, chilli, a little lime juice and a little love. SIMPLE!

Step 3: Heat a grill pan on the hob. Toast the bread for 1 min then keep them warm in the oven. Brush the Turkey Tuesday burgers with a little oil and cook for 8-9 mins on each side until cooked through.

Then it’s time to put it all together, turkey burger, guac, bread, maybe some grilled bacon, a cheeky cheese fix and collapse on the couch after a hard workout session. ENJOY!

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