JD Women | January 11, 2019

5 Minutes with Victoria Niamh Spence…

Our new Under Armour campaign just dropped and we’ve got the ultimate babe squad giving you all the gym’spo for 2019.

Keeping you in the loop, we want you to get to know the gals! First up, Victoria Niamh Spence (@victorianiamh) – queen of everything! Public speaker, confidence coach, co-founder of #GirlGains, BBC podcast host and all-round babe, this girl knows how to boost those motivation levels!

Wanna know more? Here’s the inside scoop from 5 mins with Vic…

Victoria in UA
Victoria in Pink UA Tee

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I’m 24 from Manchester! I was a sporty kid, and after High School I pursued my dreams as a professional dancer. After two years of being hyper aware of my body, I was diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa.
After some time suffering I decided to create an Instagram account to use as my diary to help me recover. I became a personal trainer and aspired to help women with their relationship with their bodies.

How did you get into fitness?

Growing up, I was always active. I was on every sports team at school, and I ran and swam at a higher level. When I wasn’t doing sports I was dancing. I founded my love for the gym after my eating disorder, when I was introduced to weights, and different kinds of training.

What motivates you to work out?

People presume that a PT and Fitness Influencer has endless motivation – that couldn’t be further from the truth! Each year I set myself a non-aesthetic based challenge to work towards. On the days where I can’t be bothered to train, I think about how much harder I’m making that challenge for myself!

What are your goals for 2019?

I am (reluctantly) running the London Marathon. I might also do a triathlon.

If you don’t achieve your target/goal, how do you keep yourself motivated?

You only don’t achieve something when you’ve thrown the towel in and called it quits – this is something I never do!

victoria in under armour
victoria doing kettlebell exercises

What’s your fave healthy snack?

I love mango with lime juice for a sweet snack, and literally anything dipped in hummus for a savoury snack.

If you’re not in the gym working out, where would we find you?

In my dressing gown. ?

How do you power through the January blues?

I’m one of the ‘New year New me’ kind of people and I see January as another shot to set some habits and start the year as I mean to go on.

Tips for aspiring bloggers…

When I started blogging, it wasn’t a thing to be ‘insta famous’ or even a way to make money, I needed some help and then eventually found so much fulfilment in helping others. With that story in mind, just figure out what you are eternally passionate about and consistently shout about it authentically across your platforms. Eventually people will catch on and brand will notice you.

What’s your go-to piece from the new JD Under Armour collection?

My favourite is actually the grey tracksuit #comfortgoals. But do workout I love the grey leggings and the purple crop top!

There you have it! Feelin’ motivated yet?!

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