JD Football | June 4, 2021

A Beginner’s Guide to Euro 2020 with Specs Gonzalez

Getting hyped for the Euros kicking off next week?! Ahead of June 11th, we’ve dropped the ultimate show to get you prepped. That’s right, ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Euro 2020’ has just gone LIVE and our host and JD OG, Specs (@specsgonzalez) is giving you the low down on all things Euros.

Need to brush up on your knowledge so you can join in all that chats with ya mates? Uncle Specs has got you covered. So kick back, get comfy and tune in because he’s going over all the most crucial info ahead of the tournament…

Tune In

In ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Euro 2020’, Specs shares some serious facts to get you prepped ahead of kick off. Looking at stats, headlines and more, he’s giving you the ultimate low down on all things Euro 2020. From Spain buying players to it being Ronaldo’s last tournament, Specs has got the facts! Tune in now.

For more bants from Specs, don’t miss one of our latest series’ Unknown Parts! Catch it over on our YouTube channel @jdsports and make sure you’re subscribed for more of the latest action!

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