JD Women | October 9, 2018

#CHUCKMEMORIES – Meet Sophia Rosemary

Remember your first pair of Chucks? Us too. We managed to steal 5 minutes of blogger babe Sophia Rosemary’s time at our #chuckmemories shoot the other day to talk all things Converse

1. What’s your earliest memory of Converse?

Stealing my sister’s pink high tops to go to my first gig when I was about 13 years old! I insisted on standing at the very front of the gig and they got absolutely ruined! Oops – sorry sis!

2.What is your #chuckmemory?

I’ve got so many amazing memories in Chucks! They’ve been to every festival with me and a lot of gigs. Wearing them to my first Glastonbury festival is always a nice one, good times!

3. What does Converse mean to you?

Converse are my every day uniform. I throw them on with stone washed jeans and a white tee for an effortless, easy outfit, which is ridiculously timeless.

4. Your favourite pair of Converse and why?

For an everyday look, I’d say you can’t beat a pair of black high tops! But I do also own a pair of American flag high tops, which I love pulling out every now and then for them special occasions if I’m feeling colourful!

5. Describe your own style? How does converse complement this?

My own style is pretty laid back and often a little tomboy-ish. I’m really influenced by a lot of bands I love; from The Strokes to The Beatles, and Converse fit in perfectly with this aesthetic! I never grow tired of them as part of an outfit because they’re just so classic!

Sophia you are too cute. Girl crush, YAS. ?

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