JD Women | May 9, 2023

‘Don’t Judge’ Podcast with Joanna and Kady

Calling all JD Women! There’s a new podcast on the block. 📣 💜

Episode 1 of ‘Don’t Judge’ just dropped and we’ll be comin’ at you with a new ep EVERY Tuesday.

So, What’s It All About?

‘Don’t Judge’ will be hosted each week by our gals and BFFs; Joanna (@joannachimonides) and Kady (@kadymcdermott).


They’ll be spilling the tea on everything from self-love to boss babes in business, including allllll the boy talk and girl gossip too. Nothing’s off limits!


Not stopping there, we’ll have special guest features with big names and familiar faces from music, TikTok and more joining the gals on the sofas.


Wanna’ see what it’s all about? Kick back and join Joanna and Kady in Episode 1 ‘The Pop Sock Debate’ now. They’ll be helping answer you guys’ dilemmas, giving you top tips to feel confident on your gals hol and more…


Tune in on Spotify now!


Make sure you’re following the ‘Don’t Judge’ podcast page so you don’t miss an ep 📲


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