JD Women | August 9, 2018

Meet Our JD Ambassador: Ella Eyre!

The secret is out and we just hope you’re ready to meet our new Nike partner in style for JD. Fiery, colourful and energetic, we are s u p e r  excited to announce JD’s new Nike gal is the  “Answerphone” singer, Ella Eyre! – This one’s for all the babes who live life to the fullest and bring bounce to the table.

The iconic Nike Swoosh runs through her style and fashion persona, slayin’ everything she wears – it wouldn’t surprise us if she changes her name to Ella Air – (get it?!)  

Ella Eyre

JD Women is all about inspirational, high energy babes! Ella Eyre’s talent, style and liveliness just prooves there’s no better girl boss to represent Nike and JD and she’s even brought her friends along too! It’s basically girl code being ya bestie’s no.1 fans and there’s nothing better than training with your partner in crime, right!?

This partnership will see the Queen of Eyre stylin’ and showcasin’ our fave silhouettes for the future of Nike and JD women. With Air Max havin’ stole Ella’s heart, they will, of course, be one of the key features in the partnership, along with the freshest Nike drops across both lifestyle and fitness.

Ella isn’t scared to play around with her style, combinin’ bold colours with retro silhouettes. Expect plenty of fun, laid-back and inspiring gymspo coming your way!

Ella Eyre
Ella Eyre

We’re can’t wait to see what this partnership has to offer and we don’t want you to miss a minute of it! We’re kickin’ off this partnership in style, and we’ve got so much more to come, so keep ya eyes peeled for all the Nike x Ella Eyre goodness we’ve got coming up!

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