JD Women | June 9, 2018

#GirlsThatGo: Meet @georgiamaysalamat

Meet Georgia, the newest member of our JD family and fashion fitness QUEEN. We were lucky enough to have a mini catch up with her at our #GirlsThatGo event to talk life, fashion and girl power!

But first, some INSTANT REACT questions:

Early bird or night owl? Early bird

Gold or silver? Gold

Performance or style? Performance

Bookworm or Netflix? Netflix

Cropped or oversized? Gotta be both!

Sunshine or snow? Sunshine

Tights or sweats? Sweats

Sweet or savoury? Sweet

influencer georgia

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I studied Economics at UCL and now I’m a London based full time model! I’ve been modelling for the past 2 years, I love travelling the globe, meeting incredible people, and working with amazing brands like Nike! I’ve always loved sport – I love doing classes and group fitness because it makes me feel like I’m part of a team, it’s amazing motivating each other and helping others to achieve their goals.

Oh, and I’m totally in love with cooking! I love experimenting with different ingredients and recipes, but not forgetting the naughty stuff too!

Describe your style?

I love vintage, I have been working in LA for the last 3 months and was totally in my element with all the cool vintage stores there. I think a great pair of vintage levis, a basic white tee and a pair of Nike trainers if one of my favourite looks.  I always live by: a dope pair of Nike trainers and sick jacket can transform any outfit.

Who or what influences your style?

I’d say my mood definitely influencers my style, although whether I’m feeling edgy and badass, or girlie and cute; my Nike Air Max rarely leave my feet.  I love seeing personality in people’s style, and that’s what I try to do.

My style is influenced by so many people from models, to stylists, to athletes, to even just my best friends.  I always think Gigi and Kai look effortlessly cool, nothing too contrived – that’s what I like most.

georgia influencer
georgia influencer

Tips for people searching for style inspiration?

Style is such a personal thing that it’s so important to find your own way.  IF YOU LIKE IT, WEAR IT! It’s always good in every sector to have someone to look up to and get tips off, but it’s also important to just be yourself, because that’s the best style anyone can have! Let confidence be your style.

Why do you love Nike?

Nike is my favourite brand because it’s sports gear but also allows you to look effortlessly cool.  It allows you to run straight off the treadmill to a casting and still look epic.

Because I love my fitness so much, I spend A LOT of time in active wear and Nike is the only brand I wear. I love the vibe of Nike clothes being inspired by sport but designed for life outside the gym.

What does #GirlsThatGo mean to you?

I’m constantly on the go – whether it’s gymming, work, meetings, or travelling. Being a model, I feel it’s important to look good but also feel comfortable, which is why I LOVE my Reacts. They’re epic and the comfiest things ever. I think #GirlsThatGo emphasises this but also girl power as a collective. It embodies confidence, power, style, sass but also comfort! #GirlsThatGo means we stick together, we kick ass and look great doing it!

Feeling empowered? Us too. Georgia, we love ya.

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