JD Official | April 21, 2022

In the Duffle Bag Season 4: Episode 7 with Chunkz

Stop what you’re doing! Our ‘In the Duffle Bag’ podcast is officially back with an extra special ep.

That’s right, man like Chunkz has sat down with Chuckie to give him the inside scoop!


Not caught it before? ITDB is the ultimate podcast, where host and all-round legend Chuckie (@chuckieonline) sits down with some of the biggest names in music, sport and more.


Chuckie Meets Chunkz

It’s long overdue but Chunkz has finally come through to sit down with Chuckie. Giving us the low down on how he became big on YouTube and loads more, Chunkz covers everything from what it was like in his ends growing up, to finally being recognised for being him.


“How you born in 2022 and a fully functioning man?!”


Tune in now for his positive energy, good vibes and stacks more…Catch ‘In the Duffle Bag’ ft. Chunkz on iTunes, Spotify and Acast now!


Missed the previous eps? Catch season 4, with big name guests like Usain Bolt, Young T & Bugsey and AJ Shabeel, on iTunesSpotify and Acast now!

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