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Nike Sports Bras: The Ultimate Guide

When it comes to buying a sports bra, it’s not as easy as just choosing something that looks good.

We’re SO down for wearing sports bras casually, but if you need a bra for working out there’s more you need to think about if you wanna’ keep comfy. As well as cute cuts and statement colourways, you need to consider support!

Combining fashion and function, Nike has ya covered as always! Making it easy for you, we’ve put together the ultimate sports bra guide. If you wanna find your sports bra BFF, check it out!

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Light Support

This type of bra gives you the least level of support. A light support bra is less structured – probably without padding, or coming with soft, removable cups. This means that you get you a super natural fit and feel.

If you want an everyday sports bra, this one’s your go-to! Sitting under casual tees, sweatshirts and more, a light support bra has comfort covered. Perfect for those with smaller cup sizes.

For fitness, this type of bra keeps you comfy and supported during low-intensity workouts like walking, Pilates, yoga and barre. During slower movements, it’s got all the support you’ll need.

Top Picks: Training Bra & Indy Bra

nike sports bras

Medium Support

Taking it up a level, medium support sports bras give you that extra bit of support.

If you train regularly or are queen of spin, this bra works to minimise bounce but maximise comfort. Meaning you’re free from distraction and can focus on your speed, reps, squats…you name it!

Top Picks: Swoosh Mesh Bra & Rival Sports Bra

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High Support

Just like the girl gang, high support sports bras have got your back! These bras are built for the most high-intensity workouts like running, football and HIIT. If your heart’s pumping, this is the bra for you.

With the most structured design, a high support bra balances control and comfort so you can work out with ease! They’re ideal for high-intensity workouts and especially comfy for those with bigger cup sizes. Say cya to shoulder pressure!

Top Picks: Alpha Training Bra & Flyknit Sports Bra

nike sports bras


Support is key but there’s loads of extra features that Nike use when designing their sports bras, each bringing a different benefit to help a gal out!

If you’re gonna’ be getting sweaty, Dri-FIT technology is an absolute MUST. This wicks away sweat to keep you cool, dry and comfy during any workout. For unrestricted movement (perf’ for running), a racerback bra leaves you free to move without distraction, while taking pressure off your shoulders – the perfect combo with high support!

Now you’re in the know, it’s time to check ‘em out! Check out the full collection of Nike Sports Bras on site and find the one that’s right for you.

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