JD Women | March 5, 2020

Feel the Power: Nike Swoosh Bra

In the same way that matching underwear can completely change your day/mood/life, the right sports bra can seriously change your workout!

Whether you’re the type of gal that plays sports, trains in the gym or dances for days in the studio, a Nike sports bra can be the difference between having zero motivation, to being ready to take on a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g. Here at JD we’re all about GRL PWR and Nike’s latest campaign is giving us ALL the feels.

The Latest Campaign – Swoosh Bra

For their latest campaign, Nike have joined forces with the ultimate dance trio. Three dancers from three cities, with one common language; dance. Meet Olivia (@oliviabeckford_), Annisa (@anissa_ghettostyle) and Karen (@karenschweiger).

Hailing from London, Paris and Berlin, these women want to feel empowered in what they’re wearing. When comfort and style combine, they feel their most powerful and free – which they can take into the studio and channel into their dancing.

With a little help from stylist Emily Moloney (@emilyrosemoloney), Nike-babes Olivia, Anissa and Karen stepped onto set for a Nike shoot with a twist – involving dancing of course!

Emily’s styled the girls in all the latest Nike pieces, layering innovative sports bras with sweatshirts, tanks and more. Even when you can’t see it, the bra is working behind the scenes to make the girls feel like their true selves. Free to move. Focused on dance.

Wanna’ feel the power of a Nike sports bra? Check out the entire collection here.

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