JD Official | November 21, 2022

Pay The Cost: Episode 4

Need something to kick back with? The latest episode of our hit show ‘Pay the Cost’ has just dropped!

Last time out, Chunkz was joined by friends and funny men Harry Pinero and PK Humble, with PK taking the spoils. This time around, things are heating up!


Don’t know how ‘Pay the Cost’ works? It’s simple. Our host and special guests go head-to-head, taking it in turns to ask each other multiple choice trivia questions. Each set of questions is tailored to every player’s personality, get your question right, you get 10 points. The person with the highest score at the end is our winner!


Sound good? Stay locked in…


Episode 4

In ep 4, our guy Chunkz is joined by British rappers Bugzy Malone and ArrDee on the set of our Christmas ad, as they put their general knowledge to the test.


From Mobo Awards and Euro finals scores, to maths questions and planets in our solar system, will Chunkz be on his game, or will one of the guests claim the crown?


Tune into episode 4 right here!



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