JD Official | October 22, 2021

Three’s a Crowd: Episode 2

Our brand-new dating show ‘Three’s a Crowd’ is back for more this week after a huge opener in ep 1!

Packed with flirting, innuendos, banter and tonnes more, ‘Three’s a Crowd’ sees three familiar faces link-up for a date. Two will be going head-to-head, looking to pull out all the stops and win the heart of the eligible guy or gal.


They’ll compete in a group, as well as getting chance to steal some alone time during the date! But have they got what it takes to win them over?! At the end of the date, one of them will be sent packing…


Episode 2

In our second instalment, JD OG Specs (@specsgonzalez) and PK Humble (@pk_humble) are continuing where they left off in the first ep by competing to win over Chantelle (@chantelle.gram).


Last time out saw the lads showing off their golf skills, and after Specs’ long drive victory, PK now has to stay silent during dinner. But with both getting a one-on-one chance to shine during the date, who do you think Chantelle will choose for a second date?!


Look out for proposals, messy eaters and a mega milkshake for dessert! You don’t wanna’ miss this one…



Missed the first ep? For all future dates and loads more from our JD gang, make sure you’re subscribed to our channel @jdofficial!

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