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Trainer Trends to Look Out For: Neon

When it comes to making a street statement there’s only one sneaker trend that’ll turn heads every time: Neon!

Bright and bold, neon will bring your ‘fits to life! But when exactly did it get SO big?

We’re gonna give you a rundown on the rise of neon and lay out how to style neon creps to give your look the ultimate glow-up. Thank us later.

Neon’s Bright Past

Everyone knows what neon is, right? You’ve seen it on the streets, celebs and (of course) your creps, but do you know how it managed to get pretty much everywhere?

Well, what you probs don’t know is that neon was first discovered in 1898 as an elemental gas. Meaning its on that periodic table hype!

While it was a big discovery in Chemistry circles, neon didn’t really become a part of anything cultural until the ‘30s. Neon started poppin’ up all over “The Strip” in Las Vegas, lightin’ up huge signs that attracted near enough everyone in the state! The neon glow took its hold!

Vapormax 2019 neon

In the ‘60s, neon made the jump from Americana to art when Andy Warhol lit up the face of Marylin Monroe on canvas with bright and bold colours. Givin’ neon an underground edge, it become synonymous with the pop art movement.

It wasn’t until the ‘80s that neon made its way into the mainstream with windbreaker jackets and jelly shoes blowin’ up in neon colours! As the ‘80s came to an end, neon’s mainstream popularity began to cool, but new purpose was found for neon in the ‘90s as raving took off and neon makeup, glitter and glow sticks with it!

Now, 20 years since the end of the ‘90s, neon is once again making a comeback. Less in-your-face than it was in the ‘90s, but still bold and ready to add some statement style to your creps.

New to Neon?

Neon’s been everywhere from Las Vegas to museums to nightclubs. So, while it’s a bold look, neon can still work in a number of different styles. But which ones work with your creps?

We’ve picked out the freshest bright and neon sneaker silhouettes along with the hottest ways to style them – makin’ sure your look is street ready.

Nike Air Max 270

Switchin’ up the Air Max scene and makin’ a statement on the streets, Nike’s Air Max 270 creps style out the neon look with ease. Coming with a mesh upper for a breathable wear, while synthetic support to the heel keeps you stable, they sit on a foam midsole with a large visible Air Max unit to the heel in neon colours. Puttin’ a bold look into every step.

neon trainer nike Air Max 270

When it comes to stylin’ the Air Max 270, the neon heel can be quite subtle, so you can bring some neon colour to your look to make sure you stand out. For the guys, grab a graphic tee and add in some bright-coloured track pants for a contrast look that’s summer ready. For the gals, why not grab a bold bodysuit and balance it with some neutral shorts.

270 styling neon nike

Nike Air Max 720

Like the Air Max 270s but wanna go bolder? We got you! The Air Max 720 followed up the 270s and took next-level Air full length! With a textile upper for a breathable and supportive wear, you can cop a pair with neon air units, neon uppers…or both. The 720 takes tech and neon style into the future.

Air Max 720 neon

With the Air Max 720, these creps are already takin’ things to an 11 with their in-your-face neon, so switch things up and keep your ‘fits simple – keepin’ all the attention on your creps. Whether you wanna rock black from head to toe, or throw in some grey with pastel hues, its all about lettin’ your sneakers shine!

style 720 neon                        @fanamss                                                  @nokiibah

Puma Cell Alien OG

Forget the future, these creps take neon style outta’ this world! Mixin’ classic sport style with an E.T edge, the Cell Alien OG trainers from PUMA come with a textile and leather upper for a breathable wear with luxe support. Sat on a foam midsole, these trainers use visible CELL cushioning to the heel, which reps fluorescent colours for the perfect neon edge.

Cell Alien OG neon

The Cell Alien OG creps already contrast the neon CELL heel with the sporty upper, so when you’re ready to rep them, just don’t over do it. Stick to your classic, off-duty essentials. Whether its track pants and a hoodie or the full tracksuit, just step up your sports style and let your creps speak for themselves.

Cell Alien OG

Nike React Element 55

Comin’ back to the Swoosh, but with something different. Steppin’ away from Air Max, the React Element 55 trainers take inspo from old-school runners refreshed with the latest tech! Coming with a textile upper with a synthetic heel support, the React Element 55 sneaks are sat on Nike’s React foam cushioning for a responsive ride, while accents throughout add a pop of neon edge.

react neon

Rather than goin’ all the way in neon, the React Element 55 trainers use neon as accents to add a pop of colour. This gives you the chance to mix and match your ‘fits at ease, whether you go heavy on the neon with a bright top and contrasting leggings, or a decide on a subtle look from head to toe. Either way, the neon still makes serious waves.

neon react element 55

Always shinin’ bright, neon makes your sneakers and your ‘fits stand out!

Wanna find out more about the hottest trends of 2019? Check them out over on the blog here.

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