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2019 Trainer Trends to Look Out For!

It’s hard being a sneakerhead. With so many fresh silhouettes droppin’, it’s tough to work out which creps you wanna be coppin’ next. Which ones are gonna look make an impact on the streets?

Rather than trying to keep track of every single sneaker that bangs, it’s a lot easier to stay on top of the latest trainer trends. As long as you’re down with the hottest trends, your crep collection will be lookin’ ??

With 2019 in full swing, here’s the sneaker trends that are poppin’ this year.

Chunky Trainers

Blowin’ up in 2018, the chunky trainer trend shows no signs of slowing down as creps continue to get bigger, bolder and chunkier.

The chunky trainer trend started out when high-fashion brands started droppin’ runway-ready sneaks that went bold in every way. Trainers such as the Louis Vuitton Archlight and Gucci Fleshtrek debuted in early 2018 and caused a wave across the sneaker landscape.

Takin’ chunky midsole designs and mixing in bold ‘90s and early 2000 looks, brands started creating the bold trainers that are now takin’ over the streets – from the Disruptors to the M2Ks!

Chunky Trainers


You might find that chunky trainers are hit or miss, but with the return of neon sneakers your creps will be impossible to miss.

Neon was at its peak in the ‘80s and ‘90s, but unlike a lot of trends from the period, it’s still making waves. Since the neon obsession never really died out, it makes sense it would come back in a big way.

No matter the silhouette, you can now find neon colourways to light up your ‘fits – givin’ you some contrast sneaker style!

Neon trainers


Sneaker uppers used to be real simple. Different pieces of fabric (usually leather) stitched together to create the shape of the upper. But things have changed.

Since knitted tech arrived on the scene, including seamless uppers and lightweight yet durable designs, the doors have opened for uppers to be…well…whatever people want them to be.

From knitted designs to detailed and unique looks, your crep collection can go next level with some textured sneakers.

Textured trainers

Future Tech

Whether you’re lookin’ for performance on the streets or for sport, the boom in sneaker tech not only keeps your feet feelin’ fresh, but also gives you trainers some futuristic style.

From Nike to adidas, every brand has fresh tech in the works, ready to push your sneakers to the next level. Whether it’s 4D tech from adi or refreshed Max Air from the Swoosh, it’s easier than ever to make a statement with kicks that have pumped up performance.

Tech heavy trainers

Wanna’ find out more about each of the trends? Need the low-down on which silhouettes to cop? Then check out the full-length posts attached to each trend and find out everything you wanna know!

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