JD Women | September 23, 2019

Trending RN: Twinning with Nike

Throw it back to the ‘90s…as well as scooby strings and scrunchies, remember friendship bracelets and those two-part ‘Best Friend’ necklaces you’d share with your bestie? Yep, us too. Well showing everyone who your official BFF is has evolved, and twinning outfits are totally IN.

Leading the trend, Nike have dropped endless looks in a range of colourways, as well as similar styles for a more subtle match. That means it’s easier than ever to twin with your bestie, and look mega while doin’ it. Thank us later!

What’s Twinning?

Nope we don’t mean the identical, sister kind. Twinning is when you and your bestie step out reppin’ matching ‘fits. Who better to take inspo from, right?

Way back when, this might’ve been THE ultimate nightmare sitch. You’ve spent daaays shopping, choosing an outfit and getting ready, only to go to a party wearing the same look as your mate. You’ve only yourself to blame, I mean, who doesn’t co-ordinate with the gals in the group chat beforehand!? ANYWAY, things have changed and double dressing is no longer a fashion faux pas – ask the guys at New York Fashion week…


People are dressing just like their BFFs on purpose! Whether they go for something subtle or full on matchy-matchy, twinning is officially A-OK.

Work the Trend

Way ahead of the game, Nike are bringin’ the hottest new ‘fits that have twinning written all over ‘em! If it comes in more than one colourway, best believe we’re convincing our bestie to cop too! ?


With Autumn officially here, it’s time to start layering up your looks and turning comf’ mode right up. Whether you and your BFF are havin’ a duvet day (with all the snacks), or hittin’ the streets, these Tech Fleece Joggers promise lightweight warmth and cosy vibes. Better still? They come in grey and black so you can double it up on off-duty days. Up top, check out the Double Tape Crew Sweatshirt – we’re crushin’ on both the black and pink styles.

They say summer bods are made in winter and Nike have even got fitness ‘fits you can match with your best friend. If you don’t wanna twin to the max, you can go for a subtle look by sticking with the same colour palette but changing the ‘fit! The Nike Pro collection has dropped a training Tank Top and T-Shirt, both in a dreamy lilac colourway. One for you and one for ya bffl.


Twinning is winning! Shop the latest looks from Nike here and make sure you’re matchin’ with your bestie. Show us your style @jdwomen #MeinJD.

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