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Who Are The Most Googled ‘Foreign Teams’ in Each Country at Qatar

Each World Cup Country’s Favourite Foreign Team 

Have you ever wondered which foreign World Cup team is your country’s favourite?

With the biggest football tournament just around the corner this Winter, we’re delving into the data to find out who’s closely following who, and the reason why these nations are your favourites.

The Most Googled ‘Foreign Teams’ in Each Country at Qatar

Globally, current champions France are the most searched footballing nation out of the 32 teams participating this World Cup, with nine nations having them top of their list, including England, Senegal, Morocco and the Netherlands.

This could be largely down to France winning the previous tournament, as well as many of the Premier League’s stars hailing from France.

The French are also seen as football rivals to the English. This could also be a major factor in them searching France 33,100 times per month.

Argentina are the second-most searched team this tournament, with 18% of the other countries looking them up.

As they’ve come out on top mainly in American countries as well as Spain, this could be down to the fact many speak the same language. With arguably the greatest ever footballer Lionel Messi taking part in what could be his last World cup at the age 35, his hall-of-fame status contributes heavily.

The Most Googled ‘Foreign Teams’ in Each European Country at Qatar

Across the many European teams competing this year, England, France and Portugal are the joint most Googled teams.

Denmark, Poland and neighbouring Wales search England the most, while Portugal are popular in Germany, Belgium and Switzerland.

The Portuguese’s popularity may be result of their standout squad, featuring the likes of Ruben Dias, Joao Cancelo and Bernardo Silva from Manchester City, alongside Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandes and global superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Most Googled ‘Foreign Teams’ in Each North American Country at Qatar

The Three Lions are the most searched ‘foreign’ side in Canada according to Google data, while Mexico take to the top spot in the USA with 74,000 searches per month.

Mexico as USA’s number one is largely down to location, with the two countries locked in a fierce footballing rivalry.

In Mexico, Argentina are the most searched team. The two nations share the same language, so this can’t be too much of a surprise.

The Most Googled ‘Foreign Teams’ in Each South American Country at Qatar

Heading South in the Americas, Argentina are the most searched team in Brazil, while the roles are reversed in Argentina as Brazil are their most Googled international side from the 32.

Two of the biggest international sides in the history of the sport, with legendary players like Diego Maradona, Messi, Pele and Ronaldo, they always clash on the pitch.

Their huge rivalry often results in many red cards and controversy when they play each other. Aside from that, the two titans like to keep an eye on each other’s results, squads and more in the build up to such tournaments.

The Most Googled ‘Foreign Teams’ in Each African Country at Qatar

Over in Africa, Google data reveals 100% of African countries at the World Cup search most for the France international team. This list includes Cameroon, Ghana, Morocco, Senegal and Tunisia.

As many African countries speak French, this is a clear reason as to why.

The Most Googled ‘Foreign Teams’ in Each Asian and Oceanian Country at Qatar

Brazil are the most Googled team in Japan. The last World Cup they won was the 2002 tournament across Japan and South Korea.

In South Korea, current champions France are the most popular side. An unlikely link, but with the game growing over in East Asia, the French national side are an obvious team to closely follow this tournament.

Down under in Australia, the old enemy England are the most followed side. With Soccer still growing and trying to compete with the likes of AFL, rugby league, rugby union and cricket, the Australian fans have always supported Premier League sides – hence the link to the England national side.

The Most Googled ‘Foreign Teams’ in Each Middle Eastern Country at Qatar

Surprisingly, Portugal are the most searched side across the Middle Eastern countries at this tournament.

With no true data on Iran, we know that Saudi Arabia and Qatar have Googled FC Portugal just under 7,500 times per month.

An icon of football and social media, Ronaldo is most likely the key factor in Portugal’s popularity.

This Year’s Tournament

As the World Cup gets ever closer, France are being heavily tipped to do double, bagging back-to-back trophies. With Brazil, Argentina and Germany not far behind, are you ready for the action to kick off?!

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We used Google Keyword Planner to analyse average monthly searches in each country competing at Qatar to determine which ‘other’ team was most popular in those nations.

We used each country’s own language and chose the most used search term around each nation’s football team (e.g. England football, England FC) to ensure we were getting the correct search intent.

Data correct November 2022.

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