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5 Minutes with Sana Shirvani…

Still lacking in gym motivation? Our Under Armour girl squad is here to help you out!

Last but not least, we took five with Sana Shirvani (@sweatwithsana) – personal trainer and total gym goals! ? If you’re looking for some inspo, Sana is one to watch.

Wanna know more? Here’s all the info from 5 mins with UA-babe Sana…

sana shirvani working out
sana shirvani in white Under Armour muscle tank

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I’m a personal trainer based at BXR in Marylebone. I studied Business Management at university and was your average Mayfair party girl, so it was a complete life-changing direction to go into fitness – but it’s truly what I’m passionate about!
Over the past few years, I’ve swapped a glamorous wardrobe of dresses and heels for activewear and an ever-growing trainer collection! I love it, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

How did you get into fitness?

My passion for fitness really began at university when I started exercising to cope with anxiety. I didn’t know much about fitness in the beginning. I would commit to the treadmill, not really knowing what else to do in the gym, but then I found a love for weight training. It gave me a sense of empowerment, and made me feel strong and healthy. In my journey since then, I’ve also become particularly passionate about helping others mentally, through exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

What motivates you to work out?

My mental state. I know how working out makes me feel – the release of endorphins gives me motivation, the feeling of hitting my own ‘personal best’ in the gym and working towards a goal, which isn’t aesthetically based, motivates me.

What are your 2019 goals?

Move better, be stronger, help others reach their goals and be part of their journey. Raise mental health awareness.

sana shirvani
sana working out

What’s your favourite healthy snack?

I have a huge sweet tooth! Also, I’ve recently gone dairy free, so I like to get almond or dairy free yogurt, and mix in my favourite vegan protein powder, cacao nibs and berries. A dollop of almond butter is also essential!

If you’re not in the gym working out, where would we find you?

Trying to be present with people I love. I love a night in with my girls.

How do you power through the January blues?

I honestly treat January like any other month of the year. This way there aren’t that many blues.

Tips for aspiring bloggers…

I wouldn’t really consider myself a blogger. I do like to think I have an influence on people to live a healthier lifestyle, even if it’s just to motivate one person with their fitness. One thing I will say is to always stay true to yourself. In this crazy world of Instagram, it’s so easy to get caught up with what everyone else is doing and follow the crowd. I truly believe I am where I am today because I never cared about followers or likes. I post what I believe in. Be authentic on your social channels – it will show to both your audience and brands.

What’s your go-to piece from the new JD Under Armour collection?

I live in activewear, and the high-waist leggings are my go-to! I’m also loving the detail on the back of the new sports bras. The grey hoodie is also a favourite!

There you have it! Make sure you’re following Sana’s insta for even more gym motivation.

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