JD Women | April 25, 2022

Chloe’s April Essentials

Hiiii everyone!!!

It’s Chloe again and I’ve picked out my absolute FAVE looks from JD ready for Summmmer 💛💛


I’m totally loving these looks and I’m SO excited to share with you!!! I’ve seen loads of Spring Summer looks drop over April, so I’ve got my top picks ready for you all.


I can’t get enough of this SUNNN, and I’m so ready for Spring styling!! Here are the looks I’m lovinggg right now, and you can get them at JD. Check it out 💖


 JD Picks 🛒

You guys all know I loveeee a chunky trainer. These adidas Originals Ozrah trainers are literalllly perfect and the nude colourway will go with everything!! They’re super cool and unique, and they’re MAD comfy. I’d wear these at the gym, but they’d defo look cute for brunch dates and shopping trips!


I’m lovinggg the sporty vibes from this little crop top. I’m always in gym gear, but this North Face top feels like a bit more of a dressed-up option. And it’s super soft and stretchy so you already know it’s gonna’ be COMFY!! Catch me in this all day, every dayyyy 😍



How CUTE are these Towel Shorts!! Juicy Couture do the best ‘90s vibes in the most amazing colours, and these yellow shorts are perfect for super sunny days ☀☀. They’re something a little bit different from the classic velour, but we’re still keepin’ it juicyyyy with a monogram print which I LOVE 💛


Honestly, you just can’t go wrong with a pair of Levi’s shorts. These denim ones are a little bit baggy but still really flattering with a nice high waist 🙌. They’re giving me vintage-y vibes and are justttt perfect for sunny days!!


You know I loveeee me my sweats. This Champion sweatshirt is SO comfy and cosy, and I love the colour!! Super bright and vibrant, it’s gonna’ be my go-to layer when it’s chilly this Spring 💖💖


Snaps From The ‘Gram 📲


AHHHH!!!! I’m so so excited that you all know that Chunkz has joined the JD Fam!! I’m a huge huge huge fan of him and hope you’re all as excited as I am for what’s to come!!!!



I LIVE in gym stuff and activewear but I struggle to find cute little jackets, but this adidas windbreaker is unreal!!! Me 🤝 cropped jackets!!!!


Spring is here!!!! Summer is around the corner!! Meaning it’s time to ditch all black outfits and get some colour in there!! This lilac hoodie is cute, and I feel like it would match all hair styles too 👸



Listennnn I’m new to the Crocs hype but I’m REALLY here for these!!!! You can wear them all throughout the year, just make sure to wear socks when it’s cold!!! 10/10 would recommend.


🚨 Loungewear every day 🚨. Especially with these UGG slides!! Some cute little fluffy numbers to wear with my loungewear, I love love love these!! ✅


That’s IT from meeee!!

I really hope you LOVE all these pieces, get down to JD right nowwww to get them!!!


And don’t forget, if you wanna keep up with everything I get up to with JD, make sure you’re following us on socials @jdwomen 📲📲


Speak to you guys again soooooon 💗💗💗

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